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The IFRC Learning Network


The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement 's Learning Network

Organisations that are self-aware of their strengths and limitations also strive to do better by lifting up the thinking and practice that underpins the relevance, quality, magnitude, and impact of their services.

That is why the IFRC's Strategy 2020 gives strong encouragement to the development of a culture of learning and knowledge sharing and as a result a resolution was adopted in 2009 to establish the RCRC movements' Learning and Knowledge Sharing Network.

The Learning network supports individuals and organisations with lifelong learning by stimulating new thinking, setting standards, and establishing curricula of relevance to the RCRC movements' core business areas and beyond.

The Learning Network is a cost effective, multilingual network of platforms providing extensive online learning and training opportunities for every volunteer and staff member in the RCRC movement as well as all colleagues in partner organisations around the world and the general public at large.


The Learning Network's goals are to:

  • change minds for the better by facilitating ubiquitous high quality learning opportunities and outcomes for all Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers (and beyond) the world over
  • provide a world-class education on humanitarian and development issues, practice, thinking and values to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • help strengthen individual competencies as well as the collective understanding of the RCRC movement among Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers, members, staff and other humanitarian actors worldwide
  • build a global community of knowledge around humanitarian and development issues



The Learning Network's platforms and activities are various and interlinked and include the following:

Learning platform
Free, self-directed, media-rich personal and professional development Red Cross Red Crescent and other continuing education courses open to all 

Academically accredited courses
Cost-effective, tutor-led Red Cross Red Crescent courses developed, delivered and certified in partnership with higher education institutions worldwide

GOAL (Global Open Active Learning)
Free learning initiative developing 21st Century skills in creative thinking and problem-solving in Red Cross Red Crescent (and other) individuals and organisations

Reference centres
Red Cross Red Crescent centres of excellence providing knowledge sharing and facilitating cooperation among stakeholders across major Red Cross Red Crescent programmatic activities.

Communities of Practice
Building and hosting communities of learners around key functions and activities providing individual and National Society development around the world

Learning Blog
A public forum where Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers (and others) can discover first-hand testimonies of the value of the Network's learning opportunities, share their own experiences, and reflect on what they learn





A Research function and the World Disaster Report also sit within the Learning Network initiatives.

The Learning Network helps to strengthen individual competencies among Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers, members, staff and other humanitarian actors, stimulate new thinking in the humanitarian and development field and increase the magnitude, quality and impact of humanitarian service delivery.

We invite you and your colleagues to make use of these systems, platforms and opportunities as broadly as possible and engage with the Learning Network team on any and all the above and / or your Learning requirements and how we can support you and your National Society.


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